Night Training – Night qualification

NF (Night Flying rating)

The pilot shall have a night qualification NF (Night Flying), if they fly at night. In night flying there are more challenges when flying, day and night training because the purpose is to train pilots to fly in the dark challenges. School flights in Night must be carried out in the dark.

Night rating is usually the next step after the pilot first with his private pilot’s pilot’s license (PPL Private Pilot ?? s License). You just need to perform a short theoretical training and at least five hours flight time to get Night rating. The flight test is not required, but the mere presence of the course is sufficient. Unlike many other ratings into the night rating need not be renewed.

Night qualification entitles to fly in the dark visual flight weather conditions (VFR, visual flight rules), at night but still away from the clouds. Existence of night rating facilitates the journey flight flying, permitting delays and amendments to the plan without having to cancel the plan because of the dark. If you’re aiming as professional, night rating is necessity and requirement regulations before the flight professional studies.


Definition of the night (SERA Article 2):
At night, means the time of evening civil twilight (bourgeois twilight) the end of the morning twilight to the beginning of. Dusk begins at sunset and ends when the center of the sun is 6 degrees below the horizon. Dawn will begin again in the morning when the center is 6 degrees below the horizon.

Because of the length of the day night flight instruction is given in practice only from November to March.

Theory Training has a total of 10 lessons each 50min.

Flight Training EASA NF (A) includes a qualification for at least five hours of flight training, of which at least three hours of dual flight instruction. These training flights must include at least one hour of cross-country flight at night. In addition, the student must be carried out at night for at least five take-offs and landings until complete stop in solo flights.

Price: Theories 250 eur; Flights (Cessna 150/152) 1.750 EUR (incl. 24% VAT, subject to change)

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