Refresh and additional training

Has it been a long time from when you have received your pilot license and would like to reiterate aviation related issues? Or do you want to deepen your own skills in exciting world of aviation? Contact us and tailored to your individual needs appropriate training.

We arrange for example following courses: Flying abroad and its challenges, GPS training, Working in the busy aerodromes (EFHF / EFHK), Flying in the winter, the practical interpretation of the flight weather, Aviation Safety and its consideration of the practical flight operations as well as from traditional instruments to glass cockpit-difference training.

Do you want to expand your skills in new types of aircraft, or to update your knowledge about aircraft you have flown years ago? We organize both flying and ground training in the following machine types related to: C152, C172, AS202 Bravo, DA40, P28R Arrow.

Flying is a continuous self-development and keeping the theory knowledge up to date.

In which cases would you like to become a better pilot?