Glass cockpit Training

TTT-Aviation also offers EFIS- and the Garmin G1000 -glass cokcpit training. Many of our students choose this education immediately after graduation so that they know how to fly, as well as with traditional instruments, but also with the glass cockpit. In addition, the cost of education are much lower compared to flying whole course with glass cockpit. Most of the Finnish Airplanes traditional instruments.

In Provided training you can familiarize yourself with a glass cockpit for visual flight weather conditions (VFR), and can also IFR operation (IFR). In training you will learn how to use the hardware optimally and efficiently, how to take care of your navigation, malfunctions and take into account security concerns and we go through the problems that have occurred around the world so that you do not make same mistakes.

Emphasis on education and training and the time can be used together to design with you in accordance with your goals, because aviation regulations do not impose formal requirements for the course. Our expirienced flight instructors have flown hundreds of hours of glass cockpit aircraft and can tell you about best practices and tips how you act like a pro in glass cockpit. After the course you will receive a certificate of satisfactory completion of theoretical and practical training.

Training is planned individually your skills and your goals and generally consists of the following elements:

1. Classroom instruction related to G1000 characteristics and special features of the (possible for private or small group flight instructor / teacher theory)
2. Training G1000 simulator (under supervision, as well as at home alone)
3. Flight training airplane, under visual flight rules (VFR). If you want a deeper instruction, including instrument flight rules (IFR)

The duration of the training depends previous experience of glass cockpit, and goals from a few hours to a few days of training. Normally, the training includes 1-5 hours of flight time (if you want more in-depth instruction as to increase the number of hours this is of course possible).

We use a variety of glass cockpit flight training machines, and you can choose the most appropriate option, and in training can also be used your own galss cockpit aircraft that you have already acquired or acquiring training. Training can be combined with the acquisition of the aircraft consulting the total package on a turnkey basis. Training always starts with the Knowledge of the ground in order to get the most out of flight training.

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