Back to Sky course

The course is intended for revalidate pilot’s license into force.

Regardless of whether you want to experience the joy of single engine flying again or you have flown transport aircraft and would like to back the small aircraft to fly. We offer you a solution.

The theoretical training takes place either in the presence of-instruction, or through a learning platform on the Internet. TTT-Aviation provides refresher training and coaching, after which you can confidently go to the exam, which we organize for you on a turnkey basis.

Want back to the sky?
Are you looking back as PIC for a small plane We can tailor your individual refresher training, which will make you feel comfortable before we arrange check by. Our professional flight instructors update the latest information on new regulations, airspace, methods and the latest technologies.

Instrument rating checkrides
Through us, we can arrange for you to gauge checking and refresher training prior to flight inspection is related to flying and theory

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