SEP refresher flights and SEP rating

Is your SEP rating starting to expire?

Check from your own pilot’s license when your single-engine piston engine aircraft (SEP, Single engine piston) class ratings is going to expire.

Validation must renew every two years with a flight instructor flown a training flight (refresher training flight) or proficiency check.

If you find already 11 flight hours flown prior to the expiry of the rating in the 12-month period, then it is possible to arrange a one-hour training flight with an experienced flight instructor to continue validity of SEP rating.

Please note that you can fly training flight up to 12 months prior to the validation of aging.

If you are missing more flights so please keep in mind that the requirement was 12 hours, 12 take-offs and landings, as well as 6 hours as PIC, or we can arrange for you a few extra hours for another recap, for example, crosscountry flying, the English RFT, flying abroad or, for example, basic instrument flying and emergency situations training.

connect the SEP refresher training flight, and learning new things in the same package! Remember SEP refresher flight is precisely the training flight, which we can work together with you to set your learning objectives. TTT-Aviation Oy Ltd. offers an experienced teacher for use!

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