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Sky is no more the limit for you

Decide when you fly, where and with whom. When flying on smaller planes, you can also use smaller airports or water jets, so you have more airports than airplanes. A private pilot’s flight license is the first step in getting you started, whether you’re aiming for a new adventurous hobby or being an airline pilot. You can start studying as a pilot anytime. Theory learning is mostly online, so you can do it wherever you are, wherever you are.

After the course you will be able to rent airplanes from us, ie familiar equipment that you have already been able to fly on the license course. We do not have hundreds of members who are busy with aircraft rentals, so you can get an airplane from us more reliably and quickly than, for example, airline clubs without having to buy your own airplane. Flying speeds up your travel time and opens up new places that you might not even get by car or take much longer traveling by car. No congestion and always travel in the company of your choice when it suits you. We will teach you to be a pilot from the first hour of flying, culminating in a flight test with an examiner, and after that you can start exercising your license privileges independently.

In addition, we provide you with comprehensive theory training designed for professional pilots, meaning that the hobbyist will receive professional advice and guidance from flying professionals. TTT-Aviation uses the most common Cessna aircraft in the world for its flight training, which could be called the weather marshal, a durable and functional tool. If a student wants to complete a glass cockpit difference training then we can arrange it or if they want to do it on their own plane. A flexible, dynamic and customer-oriented approach is at the heart of all our operations.

Just like driving school, first you learn theory, so does flying school. We’ve made this easier than ever. Distance learning allows you to student wherever you are, wherever you are. The cost of studying is lower than that of attendance teaching, and it allows working at the same time, which is also very suitable for adult students. We provide cutting-edge materials, both in writing and digitally. In addition, we never have stupid questions, but we root for things and difficult things are twisted with iron wire. We also note in teaching that all students learn differently so that we can support the teaching style that best suits you.

We also provide personalized support whether you call, email, face-to-face or video conferencing.

 Quality flight training

  • During the training, we take into account your schedule and create a unique study plan for each studen

  • You can start the course at any time and place when it suits you best

  • Teaching available 24/7 every day of the year
  • You can also study while working, so the training is suitable for adult students

  • Part payment is possible for all courses
  • We provide professional criteria training which is also very useful for hobbyists


  • Experienced professional flight instructors
  • Theories can be done remotely via internet / textbooks in both Finnish and English
  • If you have a previous flight history, it will be taken into account and credited to the amount of flight and theory training

  • We also offer classroom instruction through video conferencing

  • We fly the world’s safest and most common Cessna aircraft

Private pilot course
including VAT 24.

Course price includes:

  • Codes for an e-learning environment
  • Flight instruction 45h
  • Theoretical instruction 130h
  • Airplane rental also for inspection flight
  • Support teaching by video conferencing
  • The course fee does not have to be paid in one installment but can be paid in installments as the course progresses.

You can start with the theory package first

Do you doubt flying is your thing? You can start with a theory course and buy flights one at a time from our online store.

  • PPL / LAPL Theory Course 1000

  • Flights 250 eur if you pay for flights one by one

Come test flying on a demonstration flight or your first school flight. For $ 99, you can test how flying feels and don’t have to commit to anything, so you can get to know flying and make a decision later on. The flight is included in the license training if you continue the training.


Learning how to fly an airplane is not difficult as long as you have the motivation to learn things. You don’t have to be a superman to become a pilot – normal health is enough. Eyeglasses do not prevent you from obtaining a license and there are no length limits. You can also become a hobby pilot even if you have a problem with your vision. Nor is age an obstacle to the license. What matters most is the interest and willingness to learn how to fly.

We have trained as a pilot from the twenties to the seventies, so it’s never too late to realize your own dreams. By law, you must be more than 16 years old before your first solo flight and 17 years of age before the end of the course and the skill test. We require all minors to have parental consent.

Moderate English language skills are needed because some of the material is in English and we fly some English in radiotelephony and we have at least one flight abroad to gain international experience. For others who speak Finnish as their mother tongue, we also call for basic radio communication in Finnish for safety reasons.


Flight Training

We train you on the world’s most popular and cost-effective Cessna aircraft. In addition to tin gauges, you can also obtain difference training on glass cabs. Training can be done using your aircraft or training at a different airport, subject to prior arrangement.

The course fee includes:

  • 45 hours of airplane flight time
  • Flight instruction by a professional flight instructor according to your schedule
  • Aircraft Fuels, Insurance, and Navigation and Landing Fees
  • Flight inspection equipment rental

The following fees are NOT included in the course fee, with an additional charge of approximately EUR 800-1000 without commitment:

  • Aero-medical examination and medication fee
  • Examiner Compensation
  • License writing costs

Distance learning to become a pilot in a cost-effective way, anytime, anywhere

The theory course is done by distance learning method. You can study anytime, anywhere – when it suits you best. This is very suitable if you are an adult student studying while you work. However, you will receive answers to your questions and support from professional trainers via email, video conference, or telephone. The attendance requirement is low for distance learning and a tailored study plan is prepared for each student. We can also arrange theory studies in the evenings and weekends according to your needs.

You can study according to your own schedule and decide on your pace

  • You can also study while on a business trip or when you have time
  • You can repeat things as many times as you want
  • You are not alone with your studies but the flight instructor is online and answers and clarifies your questions

After you have first studied at home to complete the course, you will need to attend a series of contact lessons where you will be repeatedly passing the proficiency tests and passing the final exams in the flying school and, upon successful completion, will be notified to the CAA.

We are flexible in our schedules and nobody’s graduation is stuck on our side.

Health Requirements

In order to avoid anger and to ensure that your money is not wasted and that there are no medical problems during your education, we have required students to have a medical certificate even before starting the theory course and flying.

You will be issued a medical certificate by the Aviation Authority after having obtained a medical examination. For more detailed medical requirements, please contact your aero-medical or aero-medical centers.

Download Trafi’s list of aero doctors here.

AeMC, AeroMedical Center in Finland:

Center for Aeronautical Medicine, SOTLK, AeMC
Tukholmankatu 8A (Meilahti)
PL 50, 00301 HELSINKI
Phone: 0299 ​​576 148
Email: firstname.lastname (at) mil.fi

Finnair Health Services, AeMC
Karhumäenkuja 2
01530 Vantaa
Phone: 09 818 4831
Email: aemc(at)finnair.com

Aava Aviapolis, AeMC
Karhumäenkuja 2
01530 Vantaa
Phone: 010 380 2350
Email: etunimi.sukunimi(at)aava.fi

The medical examination and the related costs are not included in the course fee.


Light Aircraft Pilot License LAPL (A)

The LAPL (A) (Light Aircraft Pilot License, Aeroplanes) is a slightly restricted form of the PPL course limited to a maximum of 4 kg and up to 2000 kg (for comparison, our four-seater Diamond DA40 weighs 1280 kg). LAPL can be easily converted to PPL later.

LAPL (A) is a new lighter class of license, which permits the operation of virtually the same aircraft as the PPL (A), ie single-engine piston engine landplanes of less than 2000 kg (MTOW). In practice, this means almost all general aviation aircraft flying in Finland. The LAPL (A) license may also include, for example: night or skill rating.

The LAPL (A) and PPL (A) training requirements are the same for the theoretical course, but the LAPL (A) flight training requirement is only 67% of the PPL (A). Of course, this also has a decisive impact on price!

Unlike the PPL (A), it is also possible to gain considerable experience from the LAPL (A). Therefore, the price of the LAPL (A) course varies from EUR 7,650 to as high as EUR 615 (holders of LAPL (S) + TMG).

Private Pilot License PPL (A)

The abbreviation PPL (A) (Private Pilot License, Aeroplanes) comes from the English name of the Joint European License for Aircraft. The license is internationally valid and accepted outside Europe as it also complies with the international ICAO standard. The license is issued by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi.

Private Pilot License PPL (A) (Private Pilot License (Aeroplanes)) entitles the holder to operate as a commander in private flying. Passing the PPL (A) course allows you to fly single-engine piston engines as well as type-approved and experimental class airplanes with a landing gear. This means, therefore, almost all the most common aircraft used in general aviation.

After completing the basic course, the pilot can develop himself / herself with different qualifications. For example, Night Flying (NF) justifies flying at night, SEP (Sea), Single Engine Piston (Sea), and IR (A) (Instrument Rating (Aeroplanes)) flying in low visibility.
Private pilot course
including VAT 24.