Webinar studies

Study pilot license theoretical studies in a new way!

Webinars via the network to take advantage of the latest technology and efficient way to learn the theory of flying! Participate in online lectures anywhere, you only need a computer, internet connection and headset! Via video, is responsible for teaching the same as if you were sitting at a desk in class. TTT-Aviation, led by experienced flight instructors from formal training to get a solid foundation for future aviation career whether it be a hobby or aiming at professional.

How pilot license course in the theory of teaching is going on?
The theoretical teaching takes place on the internet webinars as an education. Webinar training resembles a classroom-based teaching where you can keep track of your own computer lessons held by the teacher. All instruction takes place in real time, which means that teachers, as well as the text of the video and an interactive presentation material will form a smooth whole. A webinar is a practice, therefore, carried out online and interactive lecture which takes place in real time.

Interactivity and real-time allows for two-way interaction; the teacher can ask questions from all persons participating in the webinar. Participants can again ask questions and comments chat messages using webinar which maintains the teacher. Small webinar groups also allow oral questions to the teacher. For webinars taking place in the lecture participants are divided into advance electronic lecture material beforehand access.

When webinars will be held?
The courses are organized several per year. So you can start whenever you want, even in the middle of the course. Lectures are held according to a predefined schedule. If you are unable to attend one of the webinar, you can attend the next on this subject held in a lecture. Each lecture also be recorded, the recordings will be available later, if you want to repeat the things taught. Of absence may also be replaced by listening to a recorded lecture and carrying out additional tasks.

Since the education system is not bound by training in any particular place, allows the efficient use of resources trainer. We use is a set of aviation professionals such as professional pilots, air traffic controllers, aircraft mechanics and doctors. Our team of professionals trained by formal training to get a solid foundation for future flight training!

How can I participate in a Webinar?
Webinar you take part in really easy! Before the start of the lesson, you will get a link by email, which you can log in via a webinar taking place in the lecture. We recommend that you check in as early as 15 minutes before the lecture begins, so that problems can be studied using before the start of lessons. Remember that if you have problems logging in, knowledgeable staff will help you gladly by telephone.

What is required to participate in a webinar?
In Webinar course participation you will need:
• Functioning PC or MAC computer, tablet or smartphone
• Internet connection that is at least 5 megabytes which is stable
• Computer speakers or headphones for listening to a lecture by the network
• The microphone or headset ‘if you want to participate in the discussion
• Pen and notebook for taking notes
• Lesson materials is submitted to you in advance<

TTT-Aviation offers webinars using the opportunity to study:

A light aircraft pilot license (LAPL) theory part

A private pilot license (PPL) theory part

Night Rating (NF) theory part

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