Military pilot conversion training

Persons who have received military pilot training can acquire civilian EASA pilot license with small retraining. TTT-Aviation’s training permit allows up to military pilots of conversion of a private pilot license, the flight and night rating. In TTT-Aviation teacher reserve can be found in a number of military flight training background people. We make training keys of hand principle and arrange applicant also a flight test.

Below is an example of a PPL (A) retraining

• Military training commenced after 1.7.2009
• Reserve Military Pilot Licence

Typical course content
• 6 hours of theory in classroom training
• 3 hours of theory by self-study
• 5 hours of flight time in the Cessna 150/152
• 15 hours flight instructor training time
• 2 hours office work
• Skill test

• Theory part starting 200? (incl. VAT 24%)
• Flying part starting 1800? (incl. VAT 24%)
• Skill Test (according aircraft rental price list)
• The required additional flight hours and theory lessons are billed according to a separate price list by
Required theory course lasts one day and is held in the order for each participant. The is no minimum number of participants.

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