An introductory course is an easy way to get acquainted with motor flying. You will be able to fly an airplane with a flight instructor and get to know the airplanes and flying activities of our flight school. You do not need a medical certificate and you do not need to undertake a pilot license before learning about the fly.

If you wish, you can continue with the actual license course to obtain your own pilot license.

There are no special entry requirements to take part in a demonstration flight, you just need to provide insurance for your health (you do not have any illness that could affect your health as a result of flying).

Children under the age of 18 also need the written consent of the guardian.

Flying equipment is standard outdoor equipment. It is cooler at the top, but usually not too much.

Includes about 30 min theory, which covers the principles of airplane operation, theoretical guidance, insurance coverage and emergency procedures.

Flight about 15 min in the air.

Demonstration courses can be flown in Finland only six calendar days a year, whereas in Estonia and other Nordic countries there is no corresponding restriction.

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The introductory flight costs 99 €.