Want to get your own airplane but wonder how you could handle all the maintenance?

TTT-Aviation can help you when you want to:

An entity that constantly monitors and reports regularly on the condition of your aircraft
You want to reduce the cost of maintaining your airplane by offering it, for example, to rent to an airline in addition to your own use
Minimize the return on your aircraft even if you use the aircraft less often


TTT Management Services

Administrative services

This option is applicable in cases where an aircraft company is intended to be the owner of the aircraft when the shareholders own the shares. We recommend this option for multi-person airplanes and this way you will be able to deduct VAT on the purchase of the airplane as well as on maintenance and purchases. TTT’s background has created many companies over the years and has been in management, so we can also help set up an aircraft investment company.

The service includes:

Administrative services for commercial use

If you want an airplane that you own to generate additional income for you, or to get it as an investment for you, then TTT-Aviation can help you earn revenue through rentals and cut costs by providing the aircraft for commercial use.

The service includes:

1. Formation and registration of a limited liability company
2. Administrative services required by law (regular meetings, accounting, financial statements, other tax matters).
3. Other meetings as required
4. Arranging the sale and purchase of shares and drafting rules for who can buy and sell shares (eg prioritization to other owners)

For such a commercial service, we charge a small flat fee of 90 eur / month plus 9% of the correct billing amount.

We also provide technical services

  1. Renting an aircraft according to your desired criteria. We have made rental agreements so we can advise you to avoid pitfalls.
  2. We provide the renter with the necessary training in theory and flight training to ensure that the airplane is always in good hands. In addition, we can create checklists, flight preparation papers, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the aircraft to increase safety.
  3. We provide you with an electronic flight reservation system that makes tracking, billing and monitoring of flights easy. TTT Dispatcher will also arrange bookings for you by telephone.
  4. We provide flight preparation facilities and facilites for rent to provide a comprehensive service.
  5. Erillisten vuokralaisten suoritusten tilitys kerran kuussa sovitulle pankkitilille.
  6. Settlement of individual tenant payments to a monthly bank account.
    Monitor flight hours, detect defects, and report to CAMO. Electronic data transfers are also successful for scheduling maintenance.

We offer a comprehensive solution that includes:

• Airplane type selection
• Exploring alternatives (new, used aircraft from Finland and abroad)
• Checking the aircraft for papers, backgrounds, and the physical condition of the aircraft on the spot
• Purchase process, importing the aircraft, registration with your desired ID
• Competitive bidding and arranging for aircraft collateral
• Arranging aircraft maintenance and time control and exploring alternatives
• Airplane storage, airplane washing and waxing, refueling (for example, we can provide a service that keeps the airplane refueled and washed at all times and is directly ready for departure at all times)
• We provide 24/7 refueling service from Helsinki-Malmi with environmentally friendly Hjelmco 91/96 UL aviation fuel
• We also provide theoretical and flight training for you or the pilots of your choice
• TTT-Aviation also offers credit pilots that you can use as a safety pilot for your own flights or to enjoy your trip
TTT-Aviation provides a complete solution for aircraft control. We strive to avoid fine terms and clearly tell our customer what to consider and in what way. The cost savings are significant when you can avoid problems in advance and do not have to solve them afterwards.

Choose the option that suits you best and ask us for a price. We strive for comprehensive package pricing in general, but hourly billing is also a must.

Aircraft purchase and sale services

Want to buy your own aircraft or a portion of it
TTT-Aviation has experience in the acquisition and operation of airplanes, and we will be happy to assist you in purchasing your own aircraft. If you feel that buying an entire aircraft is too big, we also offer you the opportunity, as a co-owner, to participate in the investment of the aircraft, where you can make a profit and, if necessary, fly the aircraft yourself.

You can buy directly from the online store:

TTT Aircraft Management Services

Airplane Acquisition Consulting

Technical services provided by online store


Or contact us and arrange a plane or share for you!


Is your plane for sale?
We are constantly looking for airplanes for our customers. We arrange the purchase of the aircraft on behalf of our clients. Whether they are individuals or companies.
In particular, we are currently looking for the following types of aircraft:
Cessna 152
Cessna 172